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Hard to believe that the summer is almost over and that soon it will be Fall. August was a fun month.  I had a challenging experience with a Butterscotch Sundae, found a new nice tasty breakfast treat and got to go to Bar Harbor, Maine where I also got to visit Acadia National Park.

So first let’s start with the challengingLOL Butterscotch Sundae!

I was invited by a friend to join her for lunch in Manhattan (where I live) at a restaurant called Serendipity3 which is located at 225 E. 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue and which is known for their desserts.  So I went really light on the entree and had what they called A La Garden of Allah which was a chicken breast covered with chilled cucumbers, tomatoes, basils and black olives.  OK. Well after I finished my entree, I thought to myself, “Hmm…What should I have for dessert???”  So I wanted a Butterscotch Sundae but when I saw the humungeous size of the sundaes that were being brought out-I was like what-“forget about it”—but then—this nice waiter told me that they would scale it down in size for me..-only in Manhattan-only in Manhattan would they scale down the size of a sundae for their clientele and so that’s how I managed my very yum…Butterscotch Sundae.

So now remember that I mentioned to you that I found this really nice tasty breakfast treat.

Well, what happened was that I was wandering the isles of Food Emporium (my local supermarket!) and I thought-“You know Sora-you need to find a new breakfast treat-something sweet and healthy for the morning…”

Well, Lo and Behold-there in front of me-I saw a box called Breakfast Belvita Soft-Baked and this box had 4 Mixed Berry Biscuits in it.  So I bought it, tried it and it was really nice.

So if you want to check out Belvita Products here’s the link http://belvitabreakfast.comand now that I’ve tried the Belvita brand, I’ve seen them in a lot of different stores so check out your local stores as well!!

And yes, I got to go to Bar Harbor, Maine over the Labor Day Weekend and it’s so very, very, very peaceful there.

I know that I just need to be in nature to successfully unwind to be able to go back to work and yes-nature-is really the best.

So I’d just like to share with you that while in Bar Harbor I had the MOST AMAZING Whiskey Ice-Cream with Bacon on top. Yup, bacon on top!!! Seriously, it was “forget-about-it”!!!!!

In addition, I also want to recommend a Foodie Tour that I took given by  The tour was interactive, we visited six locations for tastings and there only 10 people on the tour.  I totally recommend this kind of tour to get a sense of Maine’s best food products and there are many!

So welcome to the falling leaves and have a great month!

In Make Peace with Food,



This month’s motivational quote:

This Universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
Everything that you want,
you already are.

………………                                                                    .Rumi

So this month think about a challenge that you are having and how you might think that someone else is responsible for resolving that challenge for you.

Why not look inside yourself for your own answers for surely in time they will arrive…



Your Monthly Food Puzzle:



Food and Culture

So here we are in September and it’s National Chicken Month.  In searching for interesting information about chickens I came across this video from the ASPCA.

I couldn’t help but be moved and so I wanted to share it.  I thought that it was a great educational tool.

So now that I’ve shared ASPCA’s message with you—I just wanted to give you a few ways that you can choose to have your preferred chicken dishes.

Like they say: Variety—is the spice of life!  So here’s some “chicken” variety for you to try!


Lemon and Garlic Chicken

White Chicken Chili

Vietnamese Chicken Soup

Korean Chicken Thighs

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Enchilada

Aloha Chicken Wings

So whether you like your chicken roasted, pan-fried, in a soup or in enchiladas-Enjoy!!



Bite Size Fun Food News

National Hot Cross Buns Day

September 11th is National Hot Cross Buns Day.  Immediately, I could hear that Hot Cross Buns Nursery rhyme in my mind:

Hot cross buns!  Hot cross buns!

One a penny two a penny-Hot cross buns

If you have no daughter, give them to your sons

One a penny two a penny-Hot cross buns


So what I found out is that Hot Cross buns are described as a spicy fruit cake decorated with a while cross and they’re generally served with a butter spread.  Historically they were sold around the 19th century and you could hear the street merchants as they walked the streets calling out “Hot Cross buns!”  They’re also usually sold around Easter time.

So I know that Entenmann’s (the cake brand) usually sells them in the stores around Easter-so check them out-yum!



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