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Dear Sora,

For the first time in years, I’m actually able to “manage” my weight loss, rather than be
“managed” by someone else’s idea of a diet that’s unrealistic and impossible to follow.

You made me realize that dieting is only a temporary fix. I guess I should have known that, because whenever I would go “on” a diet, I’d lose weight, only to gain it back when I went “off” the diet. Your program is one that I can follow for a lifetime, without fear of my weight constantly going up and down and then back up. I can finally give away all of those “fat clothes” of mine!

The best part is, I don’t feel deprived. If anyone had told me that I’d be able to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off, while still enjoying all of my favorite foods and snacks, I never would have believed it. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to control what I eat, instead of being controlled by what I can’t eat.

Thank you again for sharing your program with me.

Jill M.

Fort Lee, New Jersey


Dear Sora,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. After all these years, I have finally found a way to eat what I want and lose weight at the same time.

After listening to you and practicing your program, I realized that all these years I have been attempting to maintain diets by depriving myself of the foods I loved.

Who would have thought that by just planning the portion size and leaving markers that I would find the perfect lifetime plan.

Thanks for all your personal input and I wish you continued success.

Michelle S.

Fort Lee, New Jersey


Dear Sora,

Being in your weight loss program has helped me cope with my weight problem, and I am in tune with my body more than ever before.

I also know when enough is enough which is very important to my daily intake.

Thanks to you I am taking more of an interest in my body.


Mindy M.

Buford, Georgia


Dear Sora,

I have tried your plan, it is really manageable. I’ve lost 10 pounds in two month’s time and have kept the weight off. I want to lose more weight and feel like I need a lot of structure, but I am able to apply Sora’s ideas to my weight loss choices and not feel so limited. Having “safety” foods has been a life-saver! Sora put her heart into this plan and it shows…she’s thought of everything.

Alex M.

New York, New York


Dear Sora,

I love your fabulous self-stopping non-dieting program. I think that you’re also a great

You make everything so easy. I love the markers. They help me not eat everything in sight. I will be using them the rest of my life. I’ve lost 10 pounds, feel confident about keeping them off and look forward to losing more weight.

Best Regards,

Nora K.

Edgewater, New Jersey


What healthcare professionals are saying:


Sora’s no-diet weight loss “management” program based on a cognitive behavioral model is both very interesting and very insightful. This no-diet program gives The Program User the choice to consistently eat and stop, all by using two simple self-stopping techniques. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to stop dieting and make peace with food.

Lynn Rothschild, LCSW, CASAS
Addiction Specialist


Sora Vernikoff has a brilliantly original system for overcoming the mind-traps of the
overeater. In a field written about too frequently it is hard to find such a clear, easy to follow plan for overcoming the stubborn behavioral patterns of those suffering from the
overweight condition. Her book should prove helpful for clinicians and lay persons
interested in the field of weight management and healthy eating patterns.

Ann Conant Davies, C.S.W.


Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program speaks to the “observing” eye which I encourage all my patients to embrace and hold onto. Her self-stopping no diet program offers the individual an autonomous way of managing their weight themselves which is the only way to facilitate permanent change.

Deborah J. Green C.S.W., B.C.D.


This is a book that will successfully assist anyone who seriously wants to stop dieting and manage a permanent non-dieted weight loss. The book gives you permission to eat the food you love and know that you can always stop yourself when you’re eating. Weight loss is a life long journey and Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program makes it easy.

Chrystal F. Fourcard, RNC, BS
Associate Director Community health Promotion and Public Health Services


Finally, a no-diet weight loss program that teaches the individual how to eat and stop
themselves. As an expert in healthy eating and natural foods, a program like this would make my job easier. A client could now be compliant to a more balanced way of eating by learning how to eat what he wants and stop when he wants. Then healthy eating will become a natural choice and not a forced choice. How can you beat a weight loss program with those kinds of opportunities? You can’t.

Meredith Sobel, MS, CHHC, AADP


Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program has my applause. As a licensed mental health counselor and as a performance coach I have witnessed first hand what the ravages of poor self-esteem through food issues can do to an individual. Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program lets the weight challenged person reclaim their personal power by learning how to eat and stop themselves and makes it fun and easy to do. I highly recommend it.

Grace Kiley
Mental Health Counselor/Performance Coach


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