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Sora Vernikoff, author of Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! started her professional career as a school teacher in East New York, Brooklyn over 20 years ago. She taught the first grade, the second grade and the fourth grade to the most challenging kids imaginable in extremely difficult type of inner city urban school environments.

She was tempted to quit teaching her first year but decided that she had studied to be a teacher and that she was going to find a way, however difficult, to keep these very challenging kids in their seats learning.

It took Sora about five years to get it. What she came to realize was that regardless of what was going on in front of her that she was the one that had to learn to control herself so that her students could learn by example. So it was that “ah, ha moment” in addition to tons of letter writing, phone calls and reward charts that let Sora manage the rest of her teaching career.

Now at the same time that Sora was learning to manage these very difficult kids she also struggled with her weight. She’d diet, do everything the diet asked (even kept a food diary) only to find herself regaining the weight after she’d lost it.

Sora couldn’t understand, why if she followed all the “rules” of the diet and lost the weight, that she’d always regain it.

Then one day while Sora was in front of her fourth grade class she asked herself, “Why can I manage these 35 kids who walk, talk and throw chairs but food which has no animate qualities I can’t stop thinking about and I can’t keep out of my mouth?” After asking herself that question, Sora asked herself a few other questions. Those other questions were, “What would happen if I could vacuum out all the extra times a day that I thought about food? If I could do that then what would I see, how would that possibly change my life and then could I help others do the same? Sora was so intrigued by those thoughts that she decided to stop dieting and journal every one of her eating experiences to get to the heart of the matter! As a result of no longer dieting and journaling Sora lost 25 pounds which she’s kept off to this day. It was after Sora reached her non-dieted weight loss that she decided that it was time to transfer her classroom “management” skills to food-thought “management” skills to create a program that would help other fed up dieters do the same thing.

So in 1992 Sora began teaching Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program. Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program as taught in Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! is a no-diet, food-thought “management” program. The Program teaches you how to eat what you want, stop when you want and become forever thin and healthy all without having to diet.

Sora has taught her no-diet, food-thought “management” program to her private clients, at The Learning Annex and at the office of a leading New York endocrinologist.

Sora has also spoken at Lennox Hill Hospital and has been on radio and national television.

Presently, Sora is happily teaching her no-diet food-thought “management” program to other fed up dieters both on and off-line and is dedicated to both encouraging and inspiring those in her audiences “that if I did it, so can you!”

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