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Welcome to Your No Diet “Make Peace with Food” Blog!

My intention for this blog is for it to edutain you!

I mean truthfully, it’s all been said about diets, dieting, weight loss, weight loss
maintenance and yet 66% of all Americans are still struggling to either lose weight or to
maintain their recent weight loss.

What I want this blog to give you is a different way of thinking about food.

I want this blog to show you that food can be much more than something that you either
chew or drink and as a result find yourself struggling with.

That food thoughts or food pictures (whatever phrase you’re more comfortable with) can be seen and therefore thought of as part of art, can be listened to and therefore be heard as park of a joke, can be played with and therefore used as part of a puzzle, can be worn in the form of jewelry or can be otherwise enjoyed in the form of a piece of furniture. That when one thinks about food that it can be thought of in ways other than thinking about food to either chew or drink which is what is now managing your current weight loss challenge!

So having just shared this blog’s intention with you, I’ll be posting pictures that are food
related and that will hopefully food edutain you and help you think less about food as
something just to chew or drink which in turn can help support you in your weight loss

Also, if you have a fun food photo that you’d like to share with our No Diet Blog “Make Peace with Food” community then feel free to send it to (as an email
attachment) and if I can I will post it at some future date!

So get ready to have fun with food and hopefully redefine the way that your daily food
thoughts or daily food picture define your day to day choices and therefore your day to day life!

So click below on the word HERE in the Peace bird’s banner and get ready to “see” food 

In Make Peace with Food,

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