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A few weekends ago, I found myself attending The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest which was about 2 hours from Manhattan by car.  It was one of those hot and humid days but being at the fair was awesome and was reward enough…

Now the fest was primarily a celebraton of all things wine.  The event’s main focus was in highlighting the wonderful wineries that are found in the Hudson Valley Region and all over the state of New York.

However, the fest also held wine seminars, showcased Craft Beer and their local breweries, showcased Hard Apple Cider, Distilled Spirits, food as represented by a lot of fun food trucks in addition to Gourmet Specialty Foods, Cooking Demonstrations, live music and let’s not forgetLOL-the shopping.

So true confessions, I don’t really drink and so for me it was more about the food and the shoppingLOL but I did wind up tasting a few smoothie types of drinks that you can put wine in but other than that combined with the extreme humidity I stuck to my trusty bottle of water 🙂

So first let’s check out the fest and the grounds…

Then I met these two adorable guys who represented Greig Farm.

Greig Farm which is located in Red Hook, New York is a Hudson Valley Farmers Market.  They also have a restaurant, you can picnic there and you can pick seasonal fruit and vegetables and pay by weight. Sounds like a relaxing day that would be fun to experience!Then I ran into Chef Vincent Tropepe, an award winning chef whose line of biscotti was awesome and who is also signing copies of his recent book, In My Whites, A Matter of Culinary Perspective. Fun to meet him.

Then Oh my goodness, I visited Ms. Vee’s Sweet Treat’s booth.

I must confess that all the mini cupcakes that were on display were so tempting that I didn’t know which one to try.  But then I was offered a mini cupcake which was made of maple butter and topped with bacon.  Let me tell you that it was Beyond Divine.  I’m really picky when it comes to baked goods but I have to tell you that Ms. Vee’s Sweet Treats is off the charts and I mean off the charts!!!The cupcake was completely divine!

I took a photo of the mini Maple Bacon cupcake just to immortalize it.LOL!

And then where did I land up but in Peanut Butter Land!  I found a Peanut Butter Company called The Peanut Principle and check out all their Amazing flavored Peanut Butters. Wow…

So if you have an opportunity to visit the Hudson Valley area I totally recommend that you do so even if it’s just to go exploring.  Their wines, food and just the scenery alone is worth the ride up there!  🙂

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Food and Culture

It’s Halloween Month and October 13th is National M & M Day!

M & M’s are produced by Mars, Inc and were originated in the United States in 1941.  M & M’s are now sold in as many as 200 countries and in the U.S. and more than 400 million individual M & M’s are produced every day.

So here are some additional interesting facts about M & M’s:

l.  In 1991, Peanut Butter M & M’s were put on the market.

2. In 1996, Mars introduced M & M Minis, smaller candies usually sold in plastic tubes instead of bags.

3. In 1999, Crispy M & M’s were released.  However, they were discontinued in the U.S. in 2005 and remained available in Europe and Southeast Asia.

4. In 2010, Pretzel M & M’s were released.

5. In 2013, the M & M’s chocolate bar was re-released.  It was originally released in 2004 and was named M-Azing.

6. In 2014, Mega M & M’s were re-introduced.  Before them, the “Mega M & M’s had been released in 2007 promoting the Shrek Movies, being dubbed “Ogre Sized M & M’s.”

7. In 2015, Crispy M & M’s were re-introduced in the United States and are doing well as of today!

So in the spirit of Halloween, if you could design your own type of M & M, then what would that be???

Bite Size Fun Food News

October is National Apple Month-Anyone for Bobbing for Apples???

OK. OK. Maybe we’re still not bobbing for those apples but I couldn’t help think about that at this time of year especially with Halloween two weeks away!!!

So here are some interesting facts about apples…

l. There are yup-about 2,500 varieties of apples grown in The U.S.

2. The Golden Delicious, The Red Delicious, The Fuji and The Granny Smith are available all year round.

3. Apples used in baking include The Braeburn, The Gala, The Granny Smith, The Golden Delicious, The Honeycrisp and The Honey Gold.

4. Apples used in pies include The Golden Delicious, The Braebrun, The Jonagold, The Jonathan and The Granny Smith.

5. Apples are fat, cholesterol and sodium free and a good source of fiber and Vitamin C.

So whether you like your apples fresh, in a pie, in a tart, as candied apples or as cold or hot apple cider-Enjoy!!!!!

So if you’d like not to diet and become your forever thin and healthy self, then click HERE and find out how you can do that today!

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