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Here we are in July and I hope that you all had a great 4th of July and did something fun.

I was really lucky and got invited to a wine and chocolate pairng experience and it was really fun.

The chocolate and wine pairing was hosted by Roxanne Browning of and I got to try new wines and in particular taste new artisanal chocolates that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have come in contact with in my day to day life.

So below is a listing of some of the pairings that we had.

I’m not going to post a photo of the wines because they came in glasses and most of them were red but I will post the names of the wines and because I’m a dessert first kind of gal I will post the wrapper images of each chocolate that was passed around so you can see them as well.

And if you’re interested in where to find these artisanal types of chocolates then go to Roxanne’s site, and click on the page where it says where to buy and if you’re interested in finding any of the wines then check out

So the first pairing was Sean Minor Chardonnay 4 Bear, Central Coast, CA and it was paired with:

The next pairing was Nino Negri-Quadrio, Lombardy, Valtellina, Itally 2011 (a red wine) and it was paired with

The next pairing was also with another red wine which was Balance Siraz, South Africa 2013.  It was paired with:

And the last pairing that I’m going to share is another red wine-Lambrusco Rose Bertolani, Italy and that was paired with:

So if you’d like to try any of the wines or if you’re intrigued by the idea of trying some of these artisanal types of chocolate then as Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods would say, “If it looks good, taste it!”

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This month’s motivational quote:


A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.

Grace Murray Hoppe

Food for thought:

What challenge(s) in your life are you not taking action on for something that you say that you want?

What are three baby steps that you can take today or this week to start moving forward and away from shore for one of your challenges???

Name your challenge:_________________________________________________________________

Baby Step #1________________________________________________________________________

Baby Step #2________________________________________________________________________

Baby Step #3________________________________________________________________________



Food and Culture
July 13th is National French Fries Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.37.01 AM

News Flash!!!  French fries may not be French at all.  Belgians have said that they invented “pomme frites.”  In fact, Bruges, Belgium, is the home to the Frietmuseum or The Fries Museum.

So what do we know about French fries in America?

Americans eat about 26 pounds of fries each year and The US is the leading supplier of fresh potatoes in the world.  Also more than 25 percent of all the potatoes grown and harvested in the United States are made into French Fries.

Now, here’s some French Fry history…

French fries were first introduced in America by Thomas Jefferson because Jefferson was a known lover of potatoes “served in the French fashion!”  So with Jeffereson’s love of fries, French fries were first served at a White House dinner in the year 1802.

Also, wow!- if you think that French fries have little nutritional value that is simply not so!

Potatoes are a good source of fiber and French fries are a source of potassium, which is well known as an important source of energy that you need to help get you through your day.

And…it’s also well known that America’s favorite fry condiment is ketchup and around the world some other top condiments include sugar and vinegar (in Great Britain), gravy and cheese (in Canada), and butter and sugar (in Vietnam).

So whether you love fries or not-it’s fun to know how they landed on our shores!



Bite Size Fun Food News


Celebrate like Popeye-On National Fresh Spinach Day


Yes, Popeye is back in National News!!


July 16th is National Fresh Spinach Day-so if you’re feeling like joining Popeye you might want to eat some spinach to help celebrate this very special day!

Spinach, is a very unique vegetable because it’s tightly packed with a lof of nutrients.  Some of those nutrients are folate, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B6, C, E and K.

Wow!!!  Sounds pretty impressive to me…

And the good thing abut spinach is that there are countless ways to enjoy it.

You can have a raw spinach salad, you can saute it with olive oil and garlic or you can toss it into a pasta.

So however you choose to enjoy your spinach, just remember like Popeye would, “I am what I am that’s all I am!”

Happy National Fresh Spinach Day!



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