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Welcome to the first edition of Your Make Peace with Food Newsletter.  I’m so excited to be sharing my monthly newsletter with you which will include a monthly motivational quote (love those quotes!), a monthly food puzzle (yes, a real food jigsaw puzzle that can be done online!), some monthly Food and Culture news about the month that we’re in and last but not least they’ll also be some Bite Size Fun Food News as well!

In this newsletter, you’re not going to find me telling you what to eat or what not to eat. Remember, that I’m a No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach and so for me all food is fair game (unless you’re struggling with a specific medical issue and your choices are by definition more restrictive!).

So think of this newsletter as a shelter from every other weight loss newsletter that tells you what you can and can not eat.  Think of this newsletter as a form of food edutainment which can help you navigate a more friendly, peaceful and fun filled relationship between yourself and your daily food choices!


In Make Peace with Food,


This month’s motivational quote:

Inch by inch anythings a cinch, yard by yard life is hard.

Food for thought:
What challenges are you struggling with that you can break down into smaller steps to make it easier to manage? and how would you do that???



Your Monthly Food Puzzle:



Food and Culture


Well hello Blueberry!  It is your turn to shine. Yes, July is National Blueberry Month and let’s say rah rah to this little blue beauty!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that if any fruit deserves its own month then it’s the blueberry.  The blueberry is native to North American and is grown in 35 out of the 50 states.  That means that these 35 states provide about 95% of the world’s blueberry crop.

Now, a blueberry can have many flavors.  It can be tart or it can be mildly sweet.

Blueberries are in full season between April and October but July is known to the height of the blueberry season.  Oh by the way, let’s not forget that they can also be eaten either frozen or dried at other times during the year.

Experts have often included blueberries in their Top 10 lists of healthiest foods.

That’s because, similar to other fruits they are rich in fiber, low in calories and have Vitamin C and other essential antioxidants.

Blueberries get their deep purple-blue color from anthocyanin pigments that have many health benefits and that’s always a good thing!

So whether you like your blueberries for breakfast with some cereal, as a snack, in pancakes, in a salad or in a pie, this month is prime time for blueberries.

So Yeah!!!  Why not go and get some little blue beauties today!


Bite Size Fun Food News

Who Doesn’t Love Cotton Candy (at least on occassionLOL!)

Here’s some fun news!  July 31st is Cotton Candy Day.  Yes, its cotton candy that stirs some fond childhood memories and I must admit that I recently had some when I visited family and friends in Atlanta and we would up at The Georgia State Fair.  I could not resist checking it out!!

So here is some interesting information about cotton candy:

l. It was first called Fairy Floss.

2. It has one ingredient and that is sugar.

3. It has been made for over a hundred years.

4. It became an instant hit when it was mass produced and readily available and…

5. It only contains as much sugar as one would get if they drank a can of an average soft drink.

Well, I say if it floats your boat, why not and just to add some fun into the mix, I found these images which take cotton candy very seriously…



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July 2015 Make Peace with Food Newsletter