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Welcome to the holiday season!  So to start the party off, I attended The Event Planner Expo which was held at The Metropolitan Pavilion located at 125 West 18th Street.

The Expo is the largest showcased event for all event planners, wedding planners and party and corporate planning professionals.  But the funniest part for me was checking out the foodLOL.

So first I saw Pera Soho and Pera Mediaterranean giving out some samples.

Their food was really the best at the event and as seen below their hors d’ouerves included Mediterranean Tartar and then Garlic Yogart.

Then I saw an exhibit table for LIQS. LIQS is a company who makes cocktail shots and custom labels them.  They came in such flavors such as Tequila Cinnamon Orange, Whisky Fireshot, Vodka Lemon Drop and Vodka Lychee Grapefruit.  I thought that the idea was unique…

Then I met the nicest gals who represented Cookie Dough Confections.  They handed out yummy one-of-a kind DOlicious sweet treats which are handmade in New York City!

Then if you want to treat yourself to some really special pasty check out Landuree. They have a store on Madison Avenue and one on West Broadway.

And then last but by no means least Ben & Jerry’s set up their own ice cream stand so that you could try your favorite flavor!



So let the holidays begin…

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This month’s motivational quote:


Year’s end is neither an ending or a beginning but a going on…

With all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
Hal Borland



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                                               Season’s Greeting and National Bake Cookie Day

December 18th is National Cookie Day. So who doesn’t love cookiesSoLOL!!

So what I found out—was that cookies arrived in America in the 17th century.  However, the word arrived much later with the Dutch in its original form of “koekje,” meaning “little cake”.  This was soon shortened to cooky or cookie although cookies themselves date back to 7th century Persia.

But why talk about cookies when you can buy them or better yet make them…




So click the link below and you’ll find some really inspiring Christmas types of cookies (similar to the above posted images) + 22 more- and see which ones might be fun for you to make!

Bite Size Fun Food News

 The Christmas Card

So ever wonder what the Christmas cards of yore looked like which were either replicas of famous artists works or originals done by the actual artists.

Well, here are a few examples that are presently archived at The Smithsonian Museum.


So here is a Van Gogh inspired Christmas card created by Arturo Rodriquez which was inspired by a post card that he found in the Louvre.

So here is a Christmas card that was done by abstract artist Frederick Hammersley who met Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Constantin Brancusi during the 1940’s.

Pablo Cano, a Miami based artist who creates marionettes, sent this Christmas card to Miami based art critic Helen L. Kohen in 1989.

Noche Crist, an artist who lived in Washington, D.C. sent this screen-printed image of the C & O Canal in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood to his D.C. artist colleague Prentiss Taylor in 1962.

And last but not least here is another Christmas card created by Frederick Hammersley who created this screen-printed Christmas card.

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