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Can you believe that we’re already in the month of August!  July was a great month for me because I launched my site and Phew! it was exciting!!!

Since then I met a gal in the beauty industry that really made me laugh and I also found two great products that are healthy, taste really good and that I also wanted to share.

So I was invited by a friend to attend a large Make-Up industry show and I found this company called Breakups to MakeUp.

The company’s motto was: Love Raised Me.

Lipstick Saved Me.

Well, I don’t know about you but isn’t that the truth for me!

When I first stopped dieting and was journaling all my eating experiences to figure out what was going on, I will admit to having assigned different color lipsticks to when I felt different ways.  So for example, if I felt that I wanted to overeat and I KNEW THAT I WANTED TO OVEREATLOL I’d put on Red Lipstick.  You see that was the Red Lipstick’s assignment (you can take the girl out of the classroom but you can’t take the classroom out of the girlLOL!).  By putting on the Red Lipstick, I was saying to myself, “Hey Sora-you know that you want to overeat but put on the Red Lipstick and see if you can wait for that feeling to pass.”  Well, true confessions-sometimes, it worked and sometimes it didn’t!!!!!

So you might want to try experimenting using your favorite lipstick colors and giving them their “feeling” assignments and you guys well-I don’t have a solution for that yet unless you want to use different flavor lip balms-Hmmm, not a bad idea—-

And one of the two products that I discovered this month that I really like are the Outshine Snacks  They are amazing!  These pops come in thre different varieties.  There’s the fruit bar, the fruit and veggie bar or the simply yogurt bar.  So check them out!  They are healthy, way yum…and very low in calories!!

The second new brand of product I discovered was Modern Table Meals  I was at an event and I was given a package of their Pesto Bean Pasta & Veggie Kit.  It was easy to make and very satisfying in taste and flavor.  So check them out for a night when you don’t want to fuss or eat out but just have some “good” food!

So hope that you’re having a great month and enjoy the rest of the newsletter!

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This month’s motivational quote:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Food for thought:

Are you feeling particularly challenged in an area of your life???

What can you do (or…choose not to do.,..) with what you presently have or where your presently are.



Your Monthly Food Puzzle:



Food and Culture

National Peach Month

Did you know that August is National Peach Month.  I love peaches although not always easy to find a great ripe one (at least in ManhattanLOL!) but peach jam (yum) and peach pie when visiting my friends in Atlanta is always a good thing!

So what about peaches?  What makes them so special?

Well in checking them out I found some very interesting facts about them.

Did you know that the peach originated in China and has been cultivated since 1000 B.C.C.?

I certainly didn’t and it even gets more interesting…

The peach in Chinese culture has a very special significance.  The peach tree is considered to be the tree of life and peaches are symbolic of immortality and unity.  Sounds very good to me!!!

In addition, Chinese brides carry peach blossoms at their marriage ceremony.

Now to this day China is the largest world producer of peaches with Italy being the second largest producer to the European market.  California produces more than 50% of the peaches in the US and is able to boast 175 different varieties!

So what is the nutritional value of the peach along with some other interesting info…

Peaches are known to be a great source of Vitamins A, B and C.

In addition, similar to the plum and apricot the peach is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae) as distinguished by its velvety skin.  It’s also classified as a drupe, a fruit with a hard stone.

So whether you like your peaches as a snacking food, as part of your morning cereal, or in a jam or pie or ice cream-Enjoy!



Bite Size Fun Food News

National Toasted Marshmallow Day

So when I saw that August 30th was National Toasted Marshmallow Day all those camp memories flooded back and all those LOL evenings over my mother’s kitchen stove in Brooklyn holding a wooden stick with my yum-marshmallows came to life.  What nice memories-all connected with the toasted marshmallow.

So here are some interesting facts about the marshmallow:

1. Marshmallows were originally called Fairy Floss.

2. Today’s modern marshmallowLOL is a version of a medicinal confection which was made from Althaea offinalis, the marshmallow plant and was used to help people with sore throats.

3.  Most marshmallows contain eggs or animal based protein.

4. Marshmallows manufactured today are made up of sugar, corn syrup, water and gelatin.

5. These ingredients are then softened in hot water, dextrose, vanilla flavorings (and sometimes coloring) and whipped up into a spongy consistency fondly known as the “marshmallow.”

So the next time that you get an urge to return to your childhood camping memories, find yourself a branch, sharpen the end of it and put on that iconic memory filled marshmallow and have some toasted marshmallow fun today!



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August 2015 Make Peace with Food Newsletter